About Us

Tre' Nov Coffee offers a regal beverage experience. Designed for luxury, flavor and supreme quality, our perfect blend is intended for "the serious coffee drinker".




Sustainably Grown

Flavorful Rich Blend
Expertly Roasted

Medium Bold Roast
Uniquely Formulated

"High Coffee" Quality
Locally Roasted

No Artificial Flavors


Our Inspiration

"Waking up at grandma's house was always special. Every morning the house would be filled with the delightful smell of fresh brewed coffee.  She always fixed her coffee the old fashion way - cream and sugar. She would even fix me a little cup and I loved it! Back then coffee was just coffee. No extra flavors or artificial additives. To this day, I believe that a great cup of coffee starts with the basics." 

 - S. DeFour, Tre' Nov Coffee Founder and President


Our Invitation

Order your first bag of Tre' Nov Coffee today and discover the difference. We offer a unique coffee drinking experience thoughtfully designed to satisfy even the most discriminating of palettes. Our proprietary blend is the only one of its kind. Treat yourself and a loved one to a cup today!


Locally Roasted. Globally Enjoyed.


Frequently Asked Questions
Is Tre' Nov a coffee roasting company? 
No, we work with local roasters as well as international coffee companies to produce a unique flavor that's appreciated both locally and globally.
Can I find Tre' Nov in stores? 
No, Tre' Nov is not sold in stores because we are committed to the freshest coffee production possible. Orders are filled as they are placed in order to ensure this distinctive level of quality.
Can I have Tre' Nov sent on automated shipment? 
Yes, just leave a comment in the contact section of your order and include your request for auto-shipment. We will contact you to set up your order details.